Senior Sister Keisha donates hundreds of knitted cardigans to NICU in memory of her Great Gran

A beloved Great Grandmother has passed a legacy of hundreds of knitted cardigans on to the Neonatal Intensive Care.

Barbra Baker, who recently passed away, aged 92, dedicated herself to knitting the cardigans to support the unit and the tiny babies who need help to keep warm.

Keisha Manaton, a senior sister on Ward 310 and Barbra’s Great Granddaughter, wanted to share her Great Grandmas achievements and donate the cardigans as a mark of respect before her funeral.

“My Gran was a kind, caring and truly wonderful lady. She really enjoyed knitting the cardigans for NICU and donating them was so rewarding for her. She even got upset when my Grandma told her to take a break for a while as there were already so many to donate and the unit may not need many more!

This time the donation was particularly special for us as a family as it just shows how kind and giving our Gran was and even in the last months of her life, how dedicated to helping others she was! It was quite a shock when she passed away but to be able to donate these cardigans that she spent so much time and effort knitting leaves a really warm feeling in my heart.

She will forever be missed and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Hopefully a little bit of love is knitted into those tiny cardigans to help the babies in NICU along their journey to a healthy happy life.”

Louise Bakin, Deputy Senior Sister on the Unit, “The cardigans are lovely and such a thoughtful gift to the Neonatal Unit. They will be appreciated by all the babies and families that use them.”

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