Ray Runs On Metal

We want to introduce you to one of our amazingly inspirational fundraisers. Ray.

A few years ago, Raymond Evans suffered a tragic accident which saw him undergo multiple operations on his arms and took 6 months to recover from.

Keen to get back to normal, Ray took on the Ramathon in 2017 but his ankle collapsed and whilst in hospital, Ray discovered it was related to an old injury suffered in the armed forces.

What followed was a four month journey and three operations to try and save Rays lower leg. After the third operation, the difficult decision was made to amputate.

After a long road to recovery, Ray decided he wanted the take on a challenge to say thank you for the amazing treatment he received at the Amputee Department at Royal Derby Hospital.

He has set himself the goal of raising £12,000 over the next 12 months with a series of runs and events, “I have always admired running. As you can imagine, adapting to running with one leg instead of two has been a massive challenge for me. I love running now even more as it gives me time to escape and I keep exceeding doctors, people’s and my own expectations of my abilities.

I will to run for the next 12 months with other multiple challenges regularly. These include my own challenge of the August 500, The Summer Solstice 24 hours, New Year’s Eve Hill Challenge. I will cap this off with a black tie and auction night in March 2020. It is a huge goal of mine to inspire others who have either been knocked down in life, are amputees or have a disability that they can do anything if they put their mind to it.”

The Amputee Rehabilitation Centre is the regional lower limb prosthetic rehabilitation unit that provides amputees and limb deficient people, living in Southern Derbyshire (& surrounding area), with rehabilitation and artificial limbs.

Karen Clark, Senior Specialist Physiotherapist, “The whole Amputee Rehab team is very proud of Ray and all that he has achieved so far and continues to achieve; we feel very privileged that he would like to fundraise on our behalf and wish him the best of luck!”

Support Ray here: http://bit.ly/RunningOnMetal




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