New Ceiling Lights Help Patients At Queen’s Hospital Burton

A series of scenic light boxes have been installed in the Ophthalmology Department, Treatment Centre,  Queen’s Hospital Burton to help patients relax whilst undergoing treatment.

Spending time in hospitals can be a nerve-wracking experience for many. The introduction of 2 LED sky ceiling lights in the Eye Department, thanks to support from Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity, offers a welcome distraction to the patient, helping them to decrease stress and improve the healthcare experience.

The lights allay the patients anxieties and allows them to focus on a particular area of the image whilst undergoing their treatment instead of focusing on blank ceiling tiles. 

Ophthalmology Department Service Manager, Kim Laban, said: “We wanted to improve the rooms and the experience for both staff and the public who use it.  The lights have already made a big impact and have really brightened the rooms”.

Senior Eye Clinic Sister, Vicki Meredith, said the feedback from patients already has been very positive in alleviating their fears and anxieties.  We are really pleased with the outcome and the improved patient experience”.

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