Fundraising Guidelines

  1. If you are planning a fundraising activity where you may come into contact with people outside of your household please ensure you follow the current government guidelines on social distancing.
  2. We do not recommend that you collect cash donations from your supporters and instead use online payment or donation methods.
  3. If you are considering taking on a fundraising challenge or activity please take all relevant safety precautions and we strongly advise you carry out only low risk events and activities. High risk activities, for example an open water swim, may require emergency services support should you get into any difficulties, taking their attention away from supporting the current crisis. For more information on health and safety guidelines please visit
  4. If you’re holding a raffle, remember to charge a standard price for the ticket and draw the winner on the same day. For anything more complicated or if you are holding a raffle over a longer period of time, you’ll need to get more information from your local council’s licensing department.
  5. We encourage you where possible to promote your fundraising activity through digital platforms, and please speak to our fundraising team who can advise you on this
  6. Please display our charity number where appropriate and we can provide you with an authorisation letter to prove that you are fundraising for us.
  7. We encourage you to donate your fundraising money through our website by visiting or you can call 01332 785731 to donate by card. If you are encouraging people to sponsor you we strongly recommend you set up an online fundraising page to collect your donations. When you set up your page please select ‘Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity’ as your chosen charity and if you have a particular hospice or care centre that you would like to support please state this on your fundraising page. If you would like to make your donation by bank transfer or by cheque please contact our fundraising team who will be able to share the relevant details with you.
  8. Please protect yourself from fraud and carry out necessary checks before making any donations or payments online or over the phone.
  9. From brownies to banquets, if you’re selling or making food, it’s also important to follow the relevant food safety guidance.  Visit the Food Standards Agency for more information.