Samsung Tablets Donated To Children’s Wards

A local Computer Servicing Business has kindly donated Samsun Tablets to our Children’s Wards to help support children visiting the hospital.
Kieran Degenhard, owner of Derbyshire Computer Services, based in Chaddesden, donated four Samsung tablets for use on the children’s and adult’s wards for keeping in contact with relatives.
After his Grandfather contracted Covid 19 earlier this year, his Grandmother was looking after him and subsequently caught Covid herself.
She was rushed to Intensive Care at Watford General and was close to death and all that the nurses could do was hand over a personal mobile to the Grandmother to speak to relatives and say goodbye.
After such trauma, thankfully she pulled through, but the experience highlighted the need for relatives to talk to family and friends while in hospital.
Keiran, recognising how important some form of visual contact was, had donated four tablets for relatives to keep in contact with family.
Thank you so much to Keiran for his support and we know that these tablets will make a huge difference in helping family stay in touch.

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