Local Playright Raises Funds For 303

A local playwright is hoping to raise funds in memory of his dear friend Mary through sales of an eBook written by her before she passed away.

“In March 2021 Mary John (previously Richardson) had Lady GaGa singing ‘Shallow’ at her funeral. Mary was described as Derbyshire’s own Lady GaGa.

Enigmatic, full of fun and nonsense and young at heart to the point that one had to question if she ever actually reached the milestone of ‘adulthood’.

Sadly she reached the milestone of death.

However that hasn’t prevented her from creating this ‘must read’ book – written by local playwright, Tim Elgood and illustrated by Thelma Knowslon who are both long standing friends of Mary.

Amidst all her post diagnosis ‘Secondary Life’ observations Mary will tell you about shooting her Mum, sleeping on Dave Lee Travis’ sofa and unwittingly rubbing shoulders with Princess Anne …. and then there’s all the really barmy stuff. – Tim Elgood

All proceeds from your donation when you request a download of this book to Ward 303 of The Royal Derby Hospital.

Download the book here: https://dbhc.org.uk/oldsite/product/ebook-dead-merry-mary/

Please note: This book contains some strong language.

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