Jaiden’s Trip To Rolls Royce

After visiting the children’s wards to donate lots of DVDs and TVs, the amazing staff at Rolls Royce met the very adorable Jaiden.

Jaiden very proudly announced that he would one day love to work at Rolls Royce and from then, Mac hatched a plan to bring him to the Rolls Royce factory for a tour.

Yesterday we had the privilege of going along with Jaiden and family to the factory. A very excited Jaiden was picked up in an impressive Land Rover and taken for a ride to the factory before setting off on a wander around the impressive facilities. 

It was a very magical moment when Jaiden first set foot in the factory to a big gasp of “WOW!” and from then on it was a wonderful experience.

A special THANK YOU goes to Mac, Michael and Eathan along with all the staff at Rolls Royce for organising this special experience for Jaiden and your amazing support for the charity.

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