Burton Midwife Applauds Waterbirth Appeal

A local midwife and mother at Queen’s Hospital Burton is backing a charity appeal to revamp the hospitals birthing pool area.

Kelly Nicholls, a midwife of sixteen years, is supporting the appeal after having a fantastic birthing experience at the hospital, “As a midwife myself, I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of water during labour. 

My first little girl Nancy was born after a quick labour ‘on land’, so the second time I was desperate to get in that pool! I’ve always loved a soak in a nice hot bath, so it felt like it would be perfect for me in labour, and I was very keen to try it out!

The appeal, set up in response to the growing demand for waterbirths, aims to further enhance the birthing room that will feature a brand new pool in March 2022.

The revamped area will feature comfortable seating for birthing partners, ambient lighting and calming décor.

“As it was, just like my first labour, my second labour was also very quick! My amazing colleagues filled the pool up ready for me, and as soon as I got in, I felt the warm water relax me. Polly was born soon after; and although I probably didn’t get the full benefit of experiencing a longer labour in the pool, it really helped with the pain I was experiencing.”

You can help support future mums to be to donate or fundraise for the Birthing Pool Appeal, visit www.dbhc.org.uk/burtonbirthingappeal  or go to www.justgiving.com/campaign/BurtonBirthingAppeal

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