Charity helps fund new volunteer buggy transport service at Queen’s Hospital Burton

A new buggy transport service ran by our amazing volunteers at Queen’s Hospital Burton, and funded by Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity will begin on Monday 6 September.

The service will be available weekdays from 9am – 4pm to help our patients get around the hospital site should they need assistance. The service will operate on a route around the perimeter of the Queen’s Hospital site and will not be available in the hospital corridors.

There will be designated buggy stops around the hospital at the following locations:

  • Outside the main entrance
  • Outside the Chest Pain Unit / Cardiac Catheter Lab
  • Outside the Treatment Centre

The buggy’s route will begin from the main entrance before heading to the Chest Pain Unit / Cardiac Catheter Lab before moving on to the Treatment Centre.

If you would like to hitch a ride, please wait at one of the designated stops and our volunteers will be more than happy to help when they pass by. Should anybody require transport urgently, please contact the Volunteer Driver on 07385 375 884 and leave a message.

Due to the current restrictions in place, no more than one person or two people from the same household will be allowed to be transported at one time. All passengers must wear face masks and must also be seated at the rear in order to comply with social distancing regulations

It is thanks to your amazing support of the charity that we are able to help fund projects like this so a big thank you to all our supporters!

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