Claire Hall

Fantastic fundraiser, Claire Hall donated hundreds of Easter Eggs to staff at Royal Derby Hospital for Easter 2021. Claire wanted to say thank you for the care she is receiving while undergoing treatment for Cancer.

Claire was just 31 when she was diagnosed with aggressive Breast Cancer.

Earlier in 2020 Claire was chatting to her best friend who suggested she regularly check her breasts for lumps, “I made it my routine to check and then one day I found a lump. My doctors referred me straight to derby hospital and I was seen within a week and then diagnosed the following week with an aggressive triple negative Breast Cancer. It’s been nonstop since then, sixteen rounds of chemo is what I was due to have. I’ve got 5 weeks left and then surgery.”

Claire is on the hopeful journey to recovery from her cancer but after seeing how supportive the NHS has been to her and members of her family, she wanted to give something back and has collected hundreds of Easter Eggs to say a big thank you.

“They have been so good, especially during the pandemic. They are not just doing their job; they are there to support patients. There have been a couple of times where I have had a couple of break downs when I’ve been scared or anxious and they have been amazing. They have just picked me straight back up.”

Talking to her cousin while thinking of ideas to give something back, she realised Easter was approaching, “My cousin suggested it was Easter soon and everyone loves chocolate so I thought that was such a good idea. I messaged all my family and friends and then they messaged all their friends and now I’ve had over 250 eggs. I only set out to get 50 for the combined day unit!”

After receiving such a brilliant response, Claire has gone on to support the other units that have helped her and her family including the breast unit, “I am also going to support radiotherapy as my Nan has also been diagnosed with cancer and have given some to the neonatal intensive care unit after my niece was born prematurely.”

Mark Bennet, Derby & Burton Hospitals Fundraising Manager, “It is brilliant to see such fantastic support of our hospitals. We know that the eggs collected will go a huge way in boosting our staff’s morale.”