Queen’s Hospital Birthing Pool Appeal

Can you help support our brand-new state of the art birthing pool at Queen’s Hospital Burton?

A new state of the art birthing pool is due to be installed at Queen’s Hospital Burton in 2022 and Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity would like to thank all those supporters who have donated over the past years and made this exciting project possible.

Tim Diggle, Director at Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity, said: “Hundreds of women already give birth in water using the outstanding facilities on offer at Burton. But as more and more people become aware of the astonishing power of water in supporting labour, we felt it vital that we helped fund the project to give even more women the option of a pool birth.”

But we need your help to complete the project!

We need your support to help us in completing the project with to help hundreds more mothers’ benefit from the use of water in labour when giving birth in Burton.

In donating, you will be helping us to finish the room with sympathetic décor and dimmable LED lighting to help give parents the most relaxing experience possible.

Queen’s Hospital Burton Birthing Pool Appeal – JustGiving

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