The Legal Bits

Charity Fundraising is regulated by law, so you need to consider legal issues. To ensure your fundraising is legal, check the points below which outline the procedures you need to follow.

Public Collections  

To collect in the street, or in a public place, you need to have a licence. Please do not allow anyone under the age of 16 collect for you.   If you are wanting to undertake a street collection then please contact Tim Diggle, Charity Director on 01332 785828, and he will be able to guide you through the process. 

Advertising Events 

Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity’s registered Charity Number 1061812 and logo should appear on all printed materials such as posters, adverts and invitations to events. Please send us a copy for approval. 

Food and Drink 

When you sell food at a fundraising event you must follow food safety laws. You can obtain guidelines from your local environmental health department.

You will need a licence to sell alcohol at an event unless the venue already has a licence. To obtain a temporary licence, contact the licensing justice at your local magistrate’s court at least one month before the event.


Assess and where possible minimise all risks to yourself and the participants. Public Liability insurance is need for events involving the public. Contact Tim Diggle on 01332 785828 to ensure that you are covered.

Lotteries and Raffles  

Lotteries and raffles are games based upon random selection or chance. Players buy (or are given) chances and prizes are distributed according to lots drawn.

Please note if you raffle is on the hospital site, you cannot raffle of any alcohol as a prize.

First Aid

Think about your first aid requirements and talk to your local Red cross or St Johns Ambulance if you think you need cover

Carrying Cash

Please bank any cash as soon as you can at either Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity office or at your bank and write a personal cheque.