Getting started

Before you start it is wise to think of the following things: 

Who – Who does your event appeal to? Is it a specific group of people? If so, does a sufficient number live nearby, to attend your event? Decide the number of people you want to attend and work out the costs per head.

What – Are you able to organise an existing event (many events would cease without new people at the helm). Do you want to hold a new event?

When – Does the success of your event depend upon the weather?  Would people attend your event if it was held on the same day as a sporting occasion, such as the FA Cup Final or Wimbledon, a Bank Holiday or when an annual local event is held?

Where – Choose a venue suitable to your event – think about the size, accessibility by public transport and wheelchair access. Do you need to supply tables and chairs  etc.  Do you need any special equipment or insurances?

How – How are you going to promote your event? How will you coordinate it on the day – do you need to recruit some volunteers to help? How else can you raise money on the day? What materials will you need?

 Top Tips:

  • Simple events often make the most money
  • Set yourself a realistic target – its better exceed your aims than to become de-motivated because you were over ambitious
  • Agree a budget and stick to it – do not be afraid to negotiate or ask for goods and services free of charge
  • Make sure you cover your costs
  • Avoid competing with an established event
  • Work backwards to make a plan of how you are going to organise the event – who will do what and by when