Fancy Dress Furlough Fundraising

A Derby man is keeping his self-esteem going while being stuck at home on furlough by dressing up in crazy and hilarious fancy dress outfits every day.

Rather than just spending hours in front of the TV or in the garden in lockdown, Terence Smith from Littleover has been making a mighty effort to find some of the craziest fancy dress ideas in his Littleover home.

The 35-year-old, who works in sales for JCB near Uttoxeter, has been seen dressed as a transformer, Harry Potter, sporting stars, Baywatch characters and the Tiger King in recent days – much to the amazement of his friends and to his slightly annoyed fiancé Nicola who is working at home – well trying to at least!

Terence is not doing this just for fun. He also wants to raise much-needed money for local charities close to his heart who are desperately seeking help during this coronavirus crisis.


You can support Terrance at

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