Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity new £2.4m appeal to target cancer in the East Midlands

Cancer can touch us all in some way throughout our lives, whether directly or through a family member or friend.

Royal Derby Hospital has an aspiration and strategy to remain at the forefront of cancer treatment in the East Midlands. Radiotherapy is used in 40% of successful cancer treatments in the UK but in other Western countries the percentage is 50%. In order to be the first Trust in the UK to reach this level of service the Trust has instigated a rolling Radiotherapy equipment replacement programme for its Linear Accelerators; the machines that target and treat the cancer.

“We are planning to ensure that all our machines are the latest models, with the capability to provide the most up to date treatment techniques and deliver the best chance of successful outcome for our patients.” Lorna Macdonald (Radiotherapy Services Manager)

The DART appeal will allow us to purchase a fourth machine to ensure that our waiting lists are shorter, appointments are less likely to be cancelled, and patients can fit treatment in around their daily lives.

In addition, the appeal plans to redevelop an existing courtyard into a new light and airy reception and waiting area. This is highly desirable for patients and relatives who have to visit the Centre up to 25 times during a typical treatment programme

With four state of the art Linear Accelerators the Derby Radiotherapy centre has a bright future serving the people of Derbyshire and South Staffordshire with world class Radiotherapy services.

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