Charity Funds Twin Cots

Have a look at what your fantastic fundraising has enabled the charity to support!

Earlier in the year Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity where able to fund the purchase of a twin cot for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The larger cots enable twins to be nursed together in the same cot and help new parents to keep their new family together.


“These cots are a huge asset to our unit. We do regularly have sets of twins on NICU. Although these babies are initially nursed separately in incubators, as they progress and their condition improves they are transferred to open cots. Previously, this meant that the twins remained separated. Now that we have twin cots (and we now have 2 on the unit) we are able to get these babies back together as soon as their condition allows. This is comforting both for the babies and the parents and enhances the “Family Integrated Care” approach that the Team on NICU promote. The cots are very well accepted both by the families and the staff.” Karen Sampson, Senior Sister, Neonatal Intensive Care.


We could not fund such vital equipment without your amazing fundraising so thank you for your brilliant support!

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